Freedom of Information – Public Records Request.

What is a Public Record?

Every record that is made or received by a government entity or employee is presumed to be a public record unless a specific statutory exemption permits or requires it to be withheld in whole or in part. Exemptions may be found at Chapter 4, Section 7(26) of the Massachusetts General Laws. For more information, follow this link:

What is a Public Records Request?

A public records request is a request to either inspect, and/or copy, public records. There is no requirement that the request be made in person or in writing, or be in any particular form. The person making the request is not required to identify himself/herself, or to provide information about the reason for the request or how the records will be used. The request must be clear enough to enable the Braintree Housing Authority (BHA) to conduct a meaningful search. The BHA may ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner. The State acknowledges that access to information is a fundamental and necessary right of every citizen.

Where can I request a Public Record?

Requests for public records may be submitted in person, by mail, fax or email.
Fax – 781-380-4443
Email –

Mail and/or in person by submitting a written or oral request to:
Lauren Murphy, Record Access Officer
Braintree Housing Authority
25 Roosevelt Street
Braintree, MA 02184

Public record requests shall include a reasonable description of the requested record to the records access officer (RAO) so that he or she can identify and locate it promptly. Under the law and to the extent feasible, the RAO shall provide public records to a requester in an electronic format unless the record is not available in an electronic format or the requester does not have the ability to receive or access the records in electronic format.

You are asked to provide the following information to ensure that we process your request as efficiently as possible:
  • Your name, address, email address and telephone number.
  • A reasonable description of the record(s) sought, containing specific dates and supporting information which will allow the BHA to identify and locate the record(s)
  • Your preference to inspect/review record(s) or to copy the record(s); and
  • If you do not want your records electronically transmitted to you, the method you would like the records delivered

What happens to my request?

The Records Access Officer must furnish a copy or permit inspection of public records within ten business days as long as:
  • The request reasonably describes the public record sought;
  • The public record is within the possession, custody or control of the housing authority that the records access officer serves;
  • The public record is not exempted by statue; and
  • If applicable, the records access officer receives payment of a reasonable fee
If the Records Access Officer is unable to provide a full response to your request within the ten business days he or she must respond to your request and include the following information:
  • Confirmation of your request
  • Identify the correct RAO if the request was submitted to the wrong RAO
  • Outline what will be withheld, if known
  • Provide an explanation for the inability to provide the records within the timeframe
  • When a response is expected

Records Access Officer
Braintree Housing Authority
Lauren Murphy, Executive Director
25 Roosevelt Street
Braintree, MA 02184